Free online Cricket Betting Tips
5 Dec

Free online cricket betting tips

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Overview of Cricket

Cricket is a game played between two teams. Each team has eleven players. this game is played in the field of the centre. cricket is a game that everything depends on physical ability to bat, bowl and field. two teams are played one by one. when one team gets a chance to play then another team doing betting and the same rule is applied to another team but vice versa means that when another team gets the chance to play the previous team starts bowling and the team doing the betting.
Narayan tips provide you with free online cricket betting tips. These betting tips are for beginners who place a bet for the first time.

Cricket betting tips:-
1. Play every match with a fixed limit because winning money can make you greedy.
2. Always Must Loss Cut Under 19 P or when you make a Profit of 70% or More.
3.Never Book Set. Always Do Loss Cut.
4. Never Make Any entry at an open rate. Wait at least for 20P Odds change in your favor.
5. Never make an entry in an open session. Wait for at least 2-3 Runs up-down.
6. On Sunday, Back Only Non-Favorite Team. You will win 70% Time in this way.
7.If any team rests their 2-3 key players than this team will lose for sure.
8. Don’t bet on a draw in test matches.
9. If Favorite remains favorite till 80% of First Innings, then lamb will be YES.
10.Starting matches of any leagues are the jackpot. If any T20 Runs for 1st over is 5.5 than runs will be not.
11. Top 3 High Odds team always win the cup or reach to final.
12. Don’t Play session on Bookie, Play Session on Online Bet.
13. Take Only 1 Entry in 1 Session.